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Fine Body

Hello McAdventure readers. I have another story from the past for your amusement. This adventures finds us on the near south side of Indianapolis in a small pub that my group of friends didn't normally frequent. Meeting up with some of my buddies family members who were in town, we proceeded to order some pitchers and began the walk down memory lane, retelling the legendary events of previous nights of debauchery.

After being there for an hour or so, it was then that my friend, ZYX had caught the eye of a lovely young lady. Now she either had enough liquor or extreme personal fortitude because she walked up to a table of strange faces (as none of us knew her) and asked him to dance. Spurred by her courage (or maybe his own drinking) our friend accepted her offer. It was at this point I noticed something special about this lovely gal. She seemed to be wearing her sleeveless dress with fantastic efficiency as she only appeared to have one arm. Upon a double take, it was clear that it was not a visual acuity issue, this lady indeed, only had one upper limb.

Shocked by ZYX's strange non shy behavior (as he normally runs from women), and our interest to see where his evening was going, the majority of our group made their way to the dance floor to have a "ring side" seat for what was no doubt going to be much more interesting than an episode of "So you think you can Dance". Once on the dance floor, everyone seemed to be having a great time and ZYX was having a blast with his new friend as they were quickly becoming more and more comfortable with each other on the dance floor. Soon, most of the group had retired back to the table but, our friend, the reincarnated Fred Astaire, was still cutting a rug with his new friend.

As a slow song came on, the young fledgling couple had began slow dancing and they really seemed to be hitting it off when it happened….

** SMACK **

With what appeared to be an unprovoked attack, the young lady had smacked ZYX across the face and stormed off of the dance floor.

As we sat there laughing and waiting to see what Romeo had done, he calmly walked back to the table and began drinking. Finally, the question was asked… "What did you say to her?" With a slow pull on his beer, our friend said "Well, she told me that she thought I had one fine body". So without thinking I told her "Yeah, well you have one fine arm."

And that, is how NOT to compliment a woman.

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