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Kansas City here we come...

The year was 2004 and the New England Patriots had just defeated the Tennessee Titans ending any chance the Colts had to host the AFC Championship game, so that same Saturday night, we decided on a whim, to buy tickets to the Kansas City game that was going to be played in about 13 hours, as the following weekend (assuming the Colts won) would be held in New England and the thought of going there in January sounded as fun as …. well visiting New England in January.

So quickly calling a few of our friends who weren't present as this idea was born, we hastily found a group of 7 people who were interested in leaving that night and driving through the night to Kansas City in what is approximately a 7 hour trip. So, we snapped up 7 tickets (Standing Room Only) and rented a van as quickly as possible, and once we got everyone loaded and onboard we set out for Kansas City at about 1am.

Our trip to Kansas City was for the most part, without issue, though, it was probably somewhat odiferous for the one woman who had the courage to ride in a van with 6 men who were keeping themselves awake with soda and beef jerky.

Arriving in Kansas City, we had the opportunity to freshen up at the family of one of my buddies who was with us on the trip. With little time left to get to the stadium, we hurried back in to the van and started the last leg of our journey. It was at this point that my buddy from Columbus (who at the time, drove up to Indy every weekend to watch the Colts games with us) called and asked why the front door of my house was locked as he was outside and waiting to get in to watch the game. It was at this point, we realized in our hurry that maybe we hadn't called everyone and given them the chance to join us on this adventure. Apologizing to him and explaining that we were actually "in Kansas City" . Now my recollection is somewhat foggy but, I believe he thanked me for being an extraordinary friend and wished us a safe and fun trip to Kansas City. Moments later, the brother of one of our friends also called and we had to let him know that we had gone to the game without him as well.. He's still pissed to this day….

Continuing on, we parked our van and walked into the stadium to the boos and jeers of the many Kansas City fans. One of my favorite jeers from an opposing fan was directed to myself and my other buddy who is also as short as I… the fan asked "If all the fans in Indy were both as blue and as short as smurfs".

Finding our "seats" behind the last row of the stadium, we stood for the entire game, and watched a shootout as our Colts went on to beat the Chiefs and head to their first AFC Championship in quite a few years.

Leaving the stadium, an older couple gave us a bottle of unopened champagne, as they said we deserved it more than they did.. Nothing really amusing about that part of the story, just thought it was a nice gesture, and wanted to thank them in text.

Heading back to Indy we were tired and worn out but, it had been an awesome experience and we had a few laughs along the way…

Because of this, we like to bring up the "Kansas City Story" and then ask the guy who didn't get the invite if he was there… yeah, he hates that too.

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