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Sorry for the long delay fellow readers. I have found myself with less time during this Summer so, I haven't had the change to bring you a laugh or two by typing up any of my past misadventures. Fortunately for you, through my own recent idiocy, I bring you a brand new, McAdventure.

Our story finds us on a recent Friday night. Having arrived home from work, I was looking forward to hanging out at a friends house and having a few beers on their back porch. So, as I hastily tossed together a 6 pack of beer in my cooler, I texted my friend for the address as I had not been to this particular house very often and was a bit unsure of the exact house in the cul-de-sac.

Heading to the house, I noticed my satellite radio was not working so I went to the CD changer and listened to some "Meatloaf: Bat out of Hell". I only bring this up as I'm a firm believer that this is one of the best "road trip" albums ever and that everyone should be constitutionally required to have a copy in their car at all times. I digress though, so lets get back to the story.

After about a 15min drive, my iPhone suggested I was in the community I was looking for so, I parked my car between the two closest mailboxes on the circle (in an attempt to keep from blocking any driveway). Anxious to begin the weekend festivities I hurriedly grabbed my mini cooler and bolted towards the house. When I was within a few steps of the front door, I paused in stride as I asked myself, "Should I knock on the front door, or would it be best to just walk in as I'm sure the party will be out back". Assuring myself that I should just let myself in, I kept myself in stride and proudly strode through the front door as if I was entering my own house….

..Unfortunately, I was met by the barking disapproval of two dogs I had never seen. Followed in fact, by a woman whom I had never met who was startled to find a man she had never met, standing in her living room. This woman was staring at me with her eyes as wide as saucers as she screamed at me "What the hell are you doing here?" and "Who the hell are you?" in rapid succession. Before I could even blurt out a reply she started slapping her husband who was asleep on the couch telling him to "Wake up, there is a man in the house." Realizing that I might need to explain myself before I end up shot or dead. I quickly mentioned "that I was looking for XYZ" and was very sorry as I had no doubt "entered the wrong house". Quickly the lady of the home said "You are looking for XYZ?" "Yes!" I pleaded. "I haven't been here very much and was unsure which house it was" I went on to say. Quickly the mood deflated as everyone in the room started to believe me and allowed me to apologize over and over as I quickly retreated from the house. As I was walking out, the woman even admitted to a similar mistake this past Halloween as she had accidentally entered XYZ's house after a long night of partying.

Recovering and hastily making my retreat, I hurried over to XYZ house and explained what had just happened. Luckily XYZ was able to text the neighbor and explain that it was all a simple mistake and that other than being an idiot I was not dangerous at all. Anyway, as a nice ending to the story, I was able to enjoy a bonfire and good conversation with friends that night but, if I'm ever unsure of the home I am entering, I think in the future, I'll go ahead and knock to be on the safe side.

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